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Portraiture by Chunbum Park

Portraiture by Chunbum Park.

I’ve always been obsessed with portraits since I began taking art courses in high school. That obsession into the human figure expanded dramatically when I took painting courses in college because all I did was portraiture. I drew and painted portraits of friends, family, fictional characters, beautiful women, and nudes.

I think with portraiture, there is a focal point that can be maintained even with significant distortion or deviation via abstraction from a perspective of realism or precise representation. Because there is this focus on the figure, it’s possible to experiment abstractly and in expressionism and still get the essence of the person. And because the human figure is such a large and complex organism – an image that is very important to every person’s psyche – it is recognized easily despite severe distortion via abstraction and experimentation with expressionism. If I were to paint a banana or a smartphone in the same passionate or experimental style, people would not be able to recognize what it is unless it were described in the title.

With portraiture, I am influenced by Frank Auerbach, Leon Kossoff, Shin KwangHo, Jaeyeol Han, Erik Jones, Willem de Kooning, Paul Gauguin, etc. I would like to capture the essence and the emotional complexity of the person and move the viewer with the immensity of the person and the drama in ways it would not be possible with other styles of painting.


Portraiture by Chunbum Park

Daisy I,Portraiture by Chunbum Park


Portraiture by Chunbum Park

Rimma Simonova,Portraiture by Chunbum Park


Rita Simonova


Portraiture by Chunbum Park

Two Bathers,Portraiture by Chunbum Park




Self Portrait IX




Proto Woman


Her Garden  

Portraiture by Chunbum Park