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Post Post modernism

Satyabrata Adhikary


STATEMENT: In the arena of ART, abstract expressionism is correlated with psychological aspects. Human sentiments, sorrows, anger and happiness etc. are reacted from the fraction of times reflections. Sometimes we dream asymmetrically which may be meaningless in general but indirectly that expresses designated aura. In accede to Freudian Theory, if we do appraise of these dreams, we can accomplish detailing of it.

Eventually, my artwork has the resemblance with the Freudian theory. We can’t get hold on our emotions. Apparently, it may turn us controlled but generally, it is beyond of our grip.

My work is based on human soul and its reaction. This has its own flow. Our feelings are changes in accordance with the change of time. The outflow of natural human instincts like emotions, affections, anger, sorrows and happiness depends upon certain moments. Being an artist, I do realize such feelings that come through my canvas. Hues are different for each realization that expressed in sub conscious mind. It may be called as accidental form of Art, but these particular expressions are come out in perspective of subconscious mind. Regarding the contingency of my picture’ Deepest of truth’, actually the timing of canvassing the same is very important where a middle aged person is living on rise of hope and faith upon next generation by self assessment. As per poet Sukanta Bhattacharya, we can say that there is a father inside every child. I expressed this realization in abstract formation. This is why the reactions are highlighted in yellow ocher, black, brunt shina, brunt umber and especially white where it symbolized the ultimate truth.

Everyone has the sense of art or ability to realize the art. The mere difference lies between an artist and a commoner is that, an artist is trained to express his thoughts through his artwork and in other hand due to lack of basics, the common people are unable to express their artisan. That is why they became sad when there is any mishap and overwhelmed in joy. These are all focused by their body language i.e., expressions. This is absolutely my own perspective. The emotions of these simple, humble common peoples are tried to express in my work, because I am also the petals of the same flowers. These portrayed in one of my work titled as ‘Beggars Joy’ and again in ‘Morning shows the Day’. Both the piece of work is based on some good feeling moment.

Basically, my recent works are experimental and this expressionism is in abstract formation.

Finally, I, do reiterate, Soul is beyond our control. Sometimes the reactions are outcome of different state of subconscious mind that occurred in the form of abstraction and sometime in formation. With this abstract expression of subconscious mind, I do really belief that everyone has his own duties towards society. As an artist, I realized that it may be a subject to express myself through the shades of subconscious mind. It’s what that prompted me to take up such an experimental subject.