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Postcards from my world…

Postcards from my world….

I’m living in Istanbul, Turkey. I’ve worked as a freelance artist in 3D animation, matte painting, and illustrator roles in digital world for 20 years. You can see those past works at my website (www.huseyinyildiz.com)
For the last 4 years, I’ve left the digital world and started working on oil painting. My main ambition was to adapt my hard-earned experience in digital painting on canvas. As for painting subjects, I love science and science fiction. It has been entirely effecting my life as you can see this interaction on my works, too.
In three years, I’ve completed 10-piece collection, all in oil painting You can see work in progress photos for some of my works under my Instagram. All paintings glued on black gessoed Plywood (12 mm birch WBP)

Postcards from my world... Postcards from my world...