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The Power of Art to Connect is Real

Art is REal to us. We live in 5 different places on opposite sides of the world, yet we are always together in art. REmixing REalism is what we do.


Women. Artists. Mentors. (WAM-Artists Packing a Punch) We are on a collaborative journey made possible through the power of art and our mission is to encourage other groups to come together in a spirit of business and friendship.

We are artists, but you can form a mentoring group to suit your interests, and have as much fun as we’ve been having.
Helen K. Beacham
Maria Bennett Hock
Debra Keirce
Kim Minichiello

We look forward to experiencing the power of art again at our exhibition, and we hope you are inspired to start a small mentoring group of your own. If you do, please tell us about it here or on our Facebook page We’d love to follow you too!

Left: “Bird’s Eye View” detail, by Kim Minichiello, 30″x11″ watercolor

Right: “Hook Me Up” by Debra Keirce, 20″x16″ Oil

This post was written by Debra Keirce, who specializes in art from two inches to two feet tall. Debra lives in Northern Virginia and is represented by galleries along the east coast.