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(PRO)CREATION By Tanio Liotta

(PRO)CREATION By Tanio Liotta.

This story starts by holding a sweing needle.

Usually we use to see it as a thin object. Its main purpose is to pierce the fabric, blending with it; synthesizing together all the materials, giving bitrth to something new.

There is a huge concept of transformation, resizing, but also a symbolic irreversibility, hidden behind this common object of penetration.

As soon as this concept was clear, the project took life.

It will be characterized by the rhetorical abuse of the methaphore of penetration.

In order to make it possible, every work was contaminated by small sculptures, needles, pins, pearls, screws: they vigorously insinuate into the can, wich is the womb, the selected container in which the exploration is carried out.

Everything deals with the race to creation. Among the many possible paths, only one will be effective: the winning one.

(PRO)CREATION By Tanio Liotta



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