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Psychedelic artworks

My artworks are inspired by psychedelic art, pop art and especially psychedelic posters from sixties and seventies. I love sixties and seventies music and art in general so some of them are based on lyrics of my favourite songs or just title of my favourite albums. Some of them are painted with tempera colours and anilin water colours (my older artworks) and the rest of them are paint with acrylic colours (mostly with acrylic colours for walls). The main theme in my artworks are women as a strong symbol of sex, life and beauty. I would like to bring back the beauty of posters in conjunction with music.1

The poster for concert in Bratislava.


The poster for slovak psychedelic band Peacock ball used as a banner on their concerts.





The poster for two musicians Lucas Perny and Miloslav Kollár.


The album cover for the slovak band Čaro okamihu