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Pushing boundaries, breaking rules​​

​Pushing boundaries, breaking rules​​ Art by Petra Meikle de Vlas.

A look into​ the studio ​of​ ​this Mixed Media ​​Artist while creating her new ocean art collection. This work represents the effects of reactions between mixed mediums, ​creating​ chemistry between pigments carried by different mediums, attracting and repelling from each other, resulting in ocean and coral reef like formations.

Each​ painting​ is ​created differently, with different methods,​ and a different​ combination of technique​s. Before being sealed, a single painting could have had multiple layers of work on it, ranging from the original pour, to sanding back looking for patterns under dried paint, rubbing in ink or more paint to stain or add colour, and working on and enhancing areas where possible.


The Drop Off

"The Drop Off" derived from a very unmixed dirty pour. (paints added together and poured at the same time). Immediately after pouring this it took on a life of its own, an abstract impression of an aerial ocean scene unfolded before my eyes in a matter of seconds. Not at all what I had in mind to create, but I have learned to literary "go with the Flow" when something like this happens. There was a little manipulation to insure the general flow was in sync, but I must say, this painting really painted itself. "The Drop off" is where the reef ends and the deep water begins, it applies mainly to the reefs surrounding oceanic islands and atolls. 82 x 204 cm Mixed Media. Details and photos of this painting are in the link Art Lovers Australia

Posted by Art by Petra Meikle de Vlas on Saturday, June 29, 2019

I am a Mixed Media, 3 dimensional, Realism to Abstract artist who lives in Cairns, Tropical Far North Queensland in Australia. My work is inspired by the world around me.

The Colourscape Collection-

Are works of modern and decorative wall art. They represent the effects of fluid movement, gravity and the reactions between mixed mediums such as paint, ink and resin. They are completed with premium quality finishes (resin, satin or matte coating) on ready-to-hang, multi-directional boards.
The Fine Art Collection-
I am very passionate about sharing my love for the region. In my part of the world, we are surrounded by some of the most rare and beautiful creatures on this planet. Through my artwork I hope to make people more aware of our native species while expressing my love and concern for our natural environment, and the importance of preserving it.
MATERIALS – Most of my work has been put together using recycled materials ranging from cardboard, electrical wire, newspaper, wool, fabrics, plaster, clay and oil and acrylic paint. Oil paint is my main painting medium but I am always experimenting with different mediums to achieve that perfect effect. The techniques I use include sculpting, undercoating, gluing, painting, and sealing or lacquering, in a limitless number of combinations. This is a slow, laborious job but well worth the effort. I take pride in the neatness of completed work, striving for a strong, secure and tidy finish.
CLEANING The entire painting / sculpture can be dusted using a small soft (make-up like) brush, or a hair blow dryer on no heat.


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