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Oil paint on reclaimed wooden panel.

Concerned with the commonality of current hierarchal socio-cultural paradigms across the world, Pyramid is a trilogy of paintings depicting three main ‘sides’ of the residual impact on the environment (Pyramid Surrounding), our society (Pyramid Throughout) and us as individuals (Pyramid Within).

These paradigms refract throughout our world and lives, shaping our perception and behaviour which is evident if you scientifically question current and historical situations. Pyramid structures often illustrate the few over the many. Upon truly realising this through my own experiences (growing up, education, relation to others, experience working in the creative sector and my observations) and inspiration by people such as Peter Joseph, Gabor Mate, Sam Harris and George Orwell among others – I visualised a series of images that would broadly comment on the topic.

Distorted facets of the pyramid shapes (that may be the origin of or reflecting the source of light) metaphor the dominance and distribution of power. The illusive partial nature in the way the overshadowing pyramids are presented connote they are ingrained into the scenes and do not reveal their entirety or operate lucidly. Loose and abstract sections of the paintings present the resulting distorting effect on the subject in each image. Additionally heavy shadow relay connotations of exclusion and segregation. The colour palette across the three images traverse from natures blues and greens to the human anatomy’s reds and flesh-tones to subtly connote the gradual convergence of influence towards the individual.

I wanted to visually explore this topic because I believe in the relevance and importance of the need for an evolutionary migration from the current paradigm to a more equal, fluid, collaborative and aware paradigm.






Darren Cranmer

I create original fine art works, illustration and graphic design. Currently I am situated throughout the Channel Islands, United Kingdom and central Europe…

Across these creative disciplines my work has an underlying linkage made through my visual process and expression. I connote or denote concepts/perspectives/observations through surreal, layered, morphing metaphors and thoughtful subject approach – which I apply by combinations of detail, juxtaposition, interrelation and symbolism. An outcome that resonates with and/or instigates with the viewer is my common objective

Science and socio-cultural issues form much of the basis that inspires my work. How things are interconnected yet are separate fascinate me.