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Rachel Brun Oil painting

I was born in 1973, in l’Arbresle (France), in the beautiful region of Beaujolais, in the heart of vineyards and typical golden stones villages.

As a child growing up, I was attracted to the beauty of these landscapes which vary from season to season.

My deep affinity for nature, colours and ambiences fostered through many moves to places like Algeria and Champagne, regular visits to my parents in French Caribbean (Guadeloupe) and Ireland where I, now, reside.

At the age of 25, I decided to do art classes that helped me getting technique in watercolour, oil paint, drawing, sketches…..
I finally focused on oil that offers me a larger freedom of expression.

All my paintings are coming to life from a single word, a sentence, a feeling; that’s why they are all so different and unique. Once inspired, I can let my brush go to abstract or figurative, without any condition.