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Ramamurty Art

Ramamurty Art | Collection of paintings:  “Benares”

Artist: Aygerim Djumataeva
Shakti 1 (size 78x100 cm, gouache, design paper)
Shakti 2
Trip to the ancient and mystical city of Benares (Varanasi) in 2015, inspired us to create paintings. One of the oldest cities in the world, the sacred center of India, where eternity and being exist at the same time. It is believed that gods descend to earth and mortals attain enlightenment.
Architecture and religious traditions, the whole culture of this magical place is able to open a new outlook on life. This compares with having another pair of eyes that can see beyond the usual view of things. After this adventire we finaly determined our vision and we have created an art project Ramamurty.


Ganges 1 (size 72x100 cm, pencil, design paper)

Portal (size 40x50 cm, canvas, akril)
Game above the river
Ramamurty Art is a duo – artists from Kazakhstan, Almaty.
Anton 26 years old and Aigerym 28 years old.Aigerim graduated Abai Kazakh national university cathedra of graphic arts.
She has been drawing since childhood, but as professional artist has started her career 12 years ago. I am a musician. I play ethnic instruments and percussions, over time I also began to paint with Aigerim.
Our duet is currently exploring monumental art by creating murals.
Our goal is cooperate with foreign countries and create murals on facades of buildings.We had two exhibitions Ramamurty Art in Kazakhstan – Kazakh Museum of Folk Musical Instruments in 2015, Artpoint in 2015, and one in Greece, Athens in Sowl Gallery in 2016.www.behance.net/Ramamurty