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Ramamurty Muralist

Ramamurty Muralist:

Our work has reached a new level after we began to draw on the walls.

In today’s world we are seeing the rapid development of this area, as mural painting is the most spectacular kind of art. It becomes a cultural attraction.

We started with painting the hotel and cafe of our friends, and clients. Later, it became the main focus of our activities. Various technologies are used in the painting can achieve different visual effects: in terms of spatial objects and promising solutions, you can create the illusion enlarged or distorted space and the scale creates an additional effect of monumentality.

Each mural was created by using the author’s sketches.

Africa 1

Africa 2


Loco hostel 1

Loco hostel 2

Loco hostel 3

Barmaglot 1

Barmaglot 2

Barmaglot 3

Barmaglot 4