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Maeve O’Briant

 In my work, I hope to evoke a strong emotion from you, the audience–whether that be happy, sad, nostalgic, unnerving–as long as that sense is strong enough to transport you to a false reality.

In my efforts to succeed in this goal, most of my work is very experimental and unconventional. The mood of my posts never follow a straight path, but are constantly fluctuating as I delve into different themes. This blog is not one of a triumphant, unyielding artist, but rather one about the path and growth of becoming an artist.

Creating art is about thinking outside the box and viewing things in different perspectives. And you can’t find those perspectives if you don’t break the rules of art once in a while. That’s how ideas are discovered; you have to learn the rules before you break them.


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Maeve, Multi-Media Artist

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