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Realistic Drawings and Paintings of Animals by Jasmina Susak

Jasmina Susak – traditional self-taught artist, based in Hungary.

My name is Jasmina Susak. I am a traditional, self-taught artist specializing in realistic graphite and colored pencil drawings, based in Hungary. I have been drawing for more than 10 years, using graphite and colored pencils. I’m using to draw people, animals, everyday objects, 3D drawings and more, in realistic style, on white or toned paper. I prefer to draw a pictures that I believe have relevance to every single person in the world. I often draw what my YouTube subscribers and fans on other websites suggest me. Almost every person got a pet, car, has a favorite movie character, celebrity, food, and so on, so I like to draw these things from the people’s everyday lives. The abstract style of art is not challenging me and I wouldn’t enjoy doing such an art. I like when my drawing looks like a photograph and this is what is difficult to achieve with colored pencils. I work as a freelance artist, YouTuber and author. Beside, I’m creating a websites (including this one, my own) as a hobby. I speak 4 languages: Hungarian (native), Serb-Croatian (native), German (intermediate) and English (fluent). The majority of the questions I receive on a daily basis are: “how do you draw like that?”, “what do you use?”, “can you give me some tips to draw better?”, “can you draw something for me?” and many more. Browse through these pages and you’ll find the answers to all these questions. Don’t forget to leave some comment, so I can notice that you’ve stopped by

Website: http://www.jasminasusak.com/

Facebook: Jasmina Susak https://www.facebook.com/pages/Jasmina-Susak/709362695786152

YouTube: Jasmina Susak https://www.youtube.com/user/JASMINA518/