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Realistic Portraits by Maria Bozina

Realistic Portraits by Maria Bozina.

Maria works in her home studio in Wellington, New Zealand.

Maria Bozina is a New Zealand artist. She is known for her surrealistic and photo-realistic drawings and paintings of people and animals.

She used to study fine art and design in Russia and New Zealand (Bachelor of Creative Technologies). Maria has got a huge knowledge in application of different media through years of research and experiments during her studies. She exhibits her paintings from 2013 and does commissioned portraits.

Her precise implementing of light and shadow reveal the true lightness of a model’s faces. Maria’s work is wonderful combination of high level of detail with a huge amount of gradations in light and shadow. Each face, which she does on canvas or paper, makes incredible impression as an object looks like alive.

https://mariabozina.myportfolio.com/projects |  https://www.facebook.com/Bozina.Art/?pnref=lhc


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