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My work revolves around the construction and deconstruction of the human body and its identity.

It depicts desensitization of human emotions, as the ­body dematerializes and loses its value. The work is in swift transformation from assembling and reassembling of the body, its belongings and its possessions in various forms and content based on opposition of explosion and its remnants containing personal belongings. Each object is held together like the human body holds each organ together. My work often focuses on divulging secrets and exploring fears and unfolds what lies within a person and without. I often make use of found objects altering little in order to allow the work create its own reality. I enjoy leaving the viewer in suspense about what is truly happening or about what the future has in store. I explore and represent what most people keep conceal or keep wraps. The work alludes a baggage of belongings that one carries with itself.Reassembling The Body 10 9 8 7 6 2 3 4 5