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Redefining relationships with COLOR – Artist Thad M Morgan

Redefining relationships with COLOR – Artist Thad M Morgan.

After attending art school in Houston Texas and acquiring a degree in advertising in 1989 Artist Thad Morgan switched to a career in Fine Arts and started a relationship with acrylic painting and colors that has expanded over his life and is still progressing. In those years he developed a unique trademark style in which he uses strong, bold vibrant colors and the pointed ends of old paintbrushes as his painting tools.

Morgan states: The function of art is to energize spaces by first ingesting that energy to the human visual system. The discipline of my style incorporates principals of balance, movement, proportions, rhythms and the unity and energy that bold vibrant colors exude. In stylistic form they are brought to life with the pointed ends of old brushes, guiding the colors into a rhythmic performance on the canvas, creating harmony when those colors individual frequencies are connected within the composition. I believe the energy of colors collectively combined within their powerful diversities, come alive in a look of action that along with the human visual systems perceptions of colors create a physiological association which turns into an intrusive emotional experience for the viewer. The sweetness or bitterness of that experience is not in the event itself…but how the viewer will perceive it and respond to it.

Morgan has taught art classes in a private school in Houston to first to 8th grades in 93/94 and after took travelling the globe and producing art inspired from those trips that included Venice, Florence, and Rome Italy. Paris, France, Costa Rica and Hawaii and around various cities across the USA.

His style has been commissioned as gifts in portraits to such figures as His Royal Highness Crown Prince Frederick of Denmark and Prince Albert in Monaco in 2002. He was a finalist in the portrait category in the Artist Magazines 19th Annual Art competition. He received a nomination in the category of “painter in acrylics” in 2005 for the first ever red carpet multi-media event of it’s kind called The ARTV Awards in Las Vegas. In 2012 a selected piece was shown in the Group Show New York Billboard premiere in Times Square sponsored by Artist Wanted and See.Me.

He has been the Official Event Artist for many festivals in the southern regions of Louisiana that have included LA Festival in 2010/11, the 2005 Festival International 20th Anniversary Music Fest among several others. More recently featured in the 2017 summer edition of emerging artist in the Artist Catalogue. His mural style works include walls done in Costa Rica, in a private residence in FT. Lauderdale Florida and in Austin TX. and also a football stadium and casino in Lafayette, Louisiana. He has been featured in National publications such as Millionaire Magazine and 2 issues of Southern Breeze. His works have been collected Nationally and Internationally and has paintings that are part of the corporate collections of EBAY and PAYPAL in Austin, Texas and at the NationStar Mortgage Artist in residency program in Dallas, Texas.