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Reflection, paintings | Shabnam Yousefian

Reflection, paintings | Shabnam Yousefian.

I am drawn to painting because of its capacity to reflect the world I live in. My goal is to demonstrate the fact that what is done in life has a reflection on us as well as our surrounding environment. My paintings are abstractions of real places. Reflection implies clarity; however it is unclear at the same time. To me, reflection is clearer than reality. Things are not always what they seem; the first appearance can be deceiving.  Reflection reveals the hidden realities.

In the beginning I was not attracted to abstract art and could not understand it. Abstractions seemed primitive and meaningless. It was as if I was trying to love a book written in a language I couldn’t read. But over time, I became more interested in abstraction. Eventually it began to influence my perspective. Now my paintings are shifting from realism toward abstraction.

I begin with a photo that captures my attention. In the past I was very faithful to the subject. But slowly I have let go of some of the details of my subject and its environment. Now, after making an initial sketch from the photograph, I put it aside and work from my imagination and memory. This allows my work to more truly express myself.

Reflection, paintings | Shabnam Yousefian

This results in works that are both abstract and realistic. They feel real but at the same time little details reveal that they are abstract. This in turn creates a dichotomy. Stylization of realism requires my focus on the subject matter and its descriptive qualities, whereas stylization of abstraction is a process where I emphasize the formal elements of picture making and personal expression over explicit subject matter. My art is a combination of these styles.

They allow me to distort reality in ways that distinguish it from photographs. This allows me to more fully express myself.  My works are all a reflections of my own life, beliefs, experiences and goals. For me art is an oasis of opportunities. It allows me to utilize my innate abilities without any obstruction.

Reflection, paintings | Shabnam Yousefian Reflection, paintings | Shabnam Yousefian Reflection, paintings | Shabnam Yousefian Reflection, paintings | Shabnam Yousefian

.Reflection, paintings | Shabnam Yousefian

Shabnam Yousefian