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Reknown Lines


Some portrait sketches of Hollywood heroes. The skethes are made of normal graphite pencil and as the support I have used plain white drawing sheet.

I have tried to portray the well known personalities or the faces that people can relate, because in that way I can communicate with others easily as well with that new or different style of sketching. May be its like cubism or look like that whatever, but according to me it has a description something more. The eternal system of lines arrange themselves to create a face. The conception is also based by using blocks to portray any face. but hare lines or blocks are clearly present without merging with others. You may enjoy………DSCN8720DSCN8730DSCN8732DSCN8734  1DSCN8721DSCN8722DSCN8727DSCN8726DSCN8724