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These artworks were obviously inspired from video games. I find pixel-art a very fascinating because of the retro-look but also because I believe that limitations sometimes help you expand your creativity. When Bach was composing his music, there were so many limitations and rules in music composition. This may be one of the reasons he created so “rich” music that is still a huge foundation for musicians. In these artworks I combine the feeling of pixel art with new technology like 3d modeling/rendering and illustration tools. I believe that vector and pixel art is the successor of pixel art but I also believe that pixel art will stay for a very long time, as it prooved its value a classic.

I was born in Greece and I have a bachelor in Computer Science from the Technological institute of Crete. On my spare time I use graphics design and digital painting as a way to escape and rest my mind from the countless hours of programming/coding. I worked in many small graphic-design projects as a freelancher. I’ve also worked for two years as a web-designer and graphics designer in SQE Marine Company and for the quarterly piblished magazines SAFETY4SEA log and GREEN4SEA log. I love working with other artists. One recent collaboration was for Sanpapie, for the performance “Ode all’ Olio” where I had to create original artwork and scenery used for the performance. Working with Lara Guidetti and Marco de Meo in Milan, Italy, was a memorable moment that still inspires me as an artist.