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Reviving logos

Reviving logos.

What if the logo of the largest companies were revived? There are several companies that have used the natural force to make their special sign, such as Lamborghini, Ferrari, Dodge, Red Bull and others, and there are companies that have created their own logos, all those logos getted my attention, what if we redesign them in a way that makes it 3d shape, so that bull and the horse plus the ram goat will get back to the life :-D  actually i made about 21 logo (Lamborghini-Ferrari-Apple-Audi-Nike-BMW-Adidas-Toyota-Rolex-Microsoft -Dodge-Renault-Domino’s Pizza-Red Bull-Autodesk-Twitter -Converse-Pepsi-Lay’s chips-Vans-Umbro) i used maya for modeling and keyshot for rendering.
Reviving logos

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