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Rihard Lobenwein Art

Rihard Lobenwein, Artist, Slovenia, Koper, . An international contemporary artist.

#firstaid3,Rihard Lobenwein Art

It was a warm summer night. As I was walking on the beach I found an empty yogurt bottle. As I reached for it to throw it in the nearby bin, I noticed the brand was called “Ego”. Judging by the scratches and dents, the thing must have stood there for a long time. As I was observing its damaged surface, It suddenly made me think about the way we deal with our broken egos today. Luckily enough, we all own a smartphone, so one way would be to take a selfie and post it on social media to get some external approval. But is judging your own self worth by the quantity of approval you get on pictures of yourself really healing it, or do you end up trapped in a detrimental, never ending cycle?


The Lego figure on the right is the only one with a face and it’s an upside-down face. It also spilled the cup of wine. This figure symbolizes a negative role model which the central figures want to emulate (they are painting themselves with the same color as him, and the correction fluid bottle bears an inverted smiley face on it). The leftmost figure on the candle holder uses some tape to attach a photograph of a flame on the already unlit candle (hence the smoke), thus trying to mask reality or maybe even create an alternative one.

Pursuit by RLoben

Boat - digital painting by RLoben

Atlas by RLoben

Rihard Lobenwein Art