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Rithyms of Filtered Light


Saberah Malik

Rithyms of Filtered Light

In a self-evolved technique  developed from my practice of shibori, through which I came to understand the potential of fiber and of fabric manipulation, I create ethereally transparent fabric forms of stones and vessels. The paradoxical intricacy and precision through which my technique captures the simple roughness of the form of unhewn stone or the smooth symmetry of a glass bottle, is a reflection on the perfect and the imperfect. My practice is a meditation on beauty in the inconsistencies of crafting, and in nature. http://www.saberahmalik.com/


1-Boundary Unbound


2-Broken Boundary

3-Pasha's Walk

4-Red Line Moving

5-No Stone Unturned- Rosary for Peace

6-Teetotaler s Recollections

7-White Bend


9-Dairy Divas

10-What Will I Be

11-Which Way, Then?

Rhododendron Requeim