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Robbie Antonio and the magenta apple

We are all attracted to something that is forbidden, to the sin, to the comfort and to the excitement.

I always like to use a favorite quotation from one of my favorite writer to this question: ““Behind every single visible result there is an invisible person, without whom there is no LIFE achievement.” Szabó Magda 

                 I believe that the vintage is going to be the new fashion, for me realism means the new fashion.  

By my paintings I can reach everything I could not do in the past or I will do in the future. 

The central symbol of my works is the “SIN” and“ HE” present it on different, almost theatrical locations, surrounding it with surreal creatures.

My arts series, called “On the bank of the Léthé” has as a central motive, the apple, which has a symbolic value not only in the mithology, but also in the Bible:  “Stay me with flagons, comfort me with apples: for I [am] sick of love.” (2.5) Song of Solomon. 

Robbie AntonioAntonio is an art collector and has a wide art collection.[1] He was named by Artnet as one of the world’s 20 most innovative art collectors alongside the likes of David Beckham and Leonardo DiCaprio.[19] He is a board director of Operation Smile Philippines.[20][21] He was also involved in the Resilience by Design UN Exhibit by OOAc, in support of architecture that helps mitigate the effects of natural disaster.  I painted him with an apple. In my paintings the apple is a symbol.In the background the old master fighting scene is the symbol of the power. The painting is part of a VIP series.


Szabó Tímea

           I was born on the 3rd of May in 1984 at Székelyudvarhely, but I grew up in a nearby village called Parajd. This village is also my current residence. I graduated from the Dr. Palló Imre Fine Arts High School in 2002 with oustanding results. I got my university degree in 2006 at The West University of Timisoara. I have studied fashion design at the the Faculty of Arts and Design. The toppic of my state examination was the Coca Cola. After I have got permission to present my design, the company liked my ideas very much, so a month later an advertising campaign appeared and it was called  “Noul Light Style Coca Cola”.  The collection became Coca Cola Couture. 

      Over the years I gained experience from famous artists, like Bocskay Vince internationally recognized sculptor,Lakatos Gabriella, Szabó János, Dr. Elena Minodora Tulcan, Dr. Cristian Velescu, Mihály Ferenc restorer. During my studies I always took part in optional activities, events in order to develope my fine art skills. Near gaining experience I have also won numerous prizes, these prizes let me stay motivated and commited to art.  As a student I made restorations and I have gained experience from Mihály Ferenc, who is the most admired Transylvanian restorer. During university I had the opportunity to publish my artworks at group exhibitions.  

         In 2012 Leslie Schönbrunn asked me to design and paint the cover of his besteller book called the Secret of Sába. In the recent years I was painting for order to, I have sold numerous paintings abroad. 

            Now I paint in Castle Hubertendorf.