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Oscillating between a thoroughly meticulous technique and fluid, ethereal abstraction, Italian painterRoberto Del Fabbro draws from his dreams.

His compositions structured yet organic, the artist conjures illusory images that are as natural as they are imagined. His palette is limitless, dexterously and masterfully oscillating between jewel and primary tones. With kaleidoscopic shapes and forms elegantly morphing and surfacing on his canvases, Del Fabbro’s works are painterly visions of how he himself sees the world. “I see the world as a leaf,” he explains. “When I finish a painting I think that it is a way of materializing the essence of the leaves and diffusing this essence to those who have never felt the wonderful sensations that nature can offer.” The result is a series of enticing, attractive paintings that also act as calls for us to pause and immerse ourselves in the magnificence that surrounds us in our own environments. With the poignancy of poetry, these paintings are an entry into a true appreciation of nature.

An Italian native, Roberto Del Fabbro lives and works in Rome and Umbria. He is also an architect.

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