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Rock will never die!

The portraits of rock musicians, another name of the series “Musicians of my time.” These are portraits of Rock Stars, their music is my life for many, many years. According to the plan, the exposure should be to combine portraits, music and stage lighting.

DJ Ashba

“DJ Ashba”. Oil on canvas, 100×70 cm

Freddie Mercury

“Freddie Mercury”. Oil on canvas, 120×100 cm

Vladimir Kuzmin "Dynamic"

“Vladimir Kuzmin “Dynamic”. Oil on canvas, 75×110 cm

Triptych "Marilyn Manson". Left part.

Triptych “Marilyn Manson”. Left part. Oil on canvas, 60×70 cm

Triptych "Marilyn Manson". Right part

Triptych “Marilyn Manson”. Right part. Oil on canvas, 60×70 cm

Triptych “Marilyn Manson”. Central part. Oil on canvas, 60×70 cm

Positive portrait or Solar wind. (Olli Herman "Reckless Love")

Positive portrait or Solar wind. (Olli Herman “Reckless Love”). Acrylic on canvas, 600×100 cm

Paul Stanley

Paul Stanley “KISS”. Oil on canvas, 100×70 cm

Sebastian Bach

“Sebastian Bach”, Oil on canvas, 100×70 cm

"The head of Alice Cooper"

“The head of Alice Cooper”. Oil on canvas, 60×70 cm

David Garrett

“David Garrett”. Acrylic on canvas, 100×120 cm

"Space Ace" KISS

“Space Ace” KISS. Oil on canvas, 70×80 cm

Steven&Joe "Aerosmith"

Steven&Joe “Aerosmith”. Oil on canvas, 100x120cm

"Steel Panther"

“Steel Panther”. Oil on canvas, 120×120 cm

Tom Keifer “Cinderella”. Oil on canvas, 100×70

Ville Valo "HIM"

Ville Valo “HIM”. Oil on canvas, 100×60 cm

Acrylic on canvas, 100x70 cm

“Rock will never die!” Portrait of Doro Pesch. Acrylic on canvas, 100×70 cm


Inna Volvak was born in Moscow, Russia.
Since 1992 to 1994 she studied at the Art Lyceum to be an Master the art of painting.

In 1994 he entered the MOSCOW STATE UNIVERSITY OF ART OF S.G. STROGANOV (MGHPU) at the Faculty of Design.

After graduation in 2000, Inna Volvak elects the interior design profession, but continues to improve in painting. Participates in art exhibitions, makes painting en plein air and working in the studio.
Since 2012, prefers painting portraits, mainly of rock musicians.