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Romance of Elements

About my Series “Romance of Elements”

It may not look like it at first sight, but the series “Romance of Elements” is really a series of self-portraits.

The impact of the artist upon the already enchanted nature of New Zealand is clearly visible in these images. However, André Wagner is never physically visible, and most of the time neither is the flame, with which he illuminates the picturesque landscapes – merely its colorful glow. Like a negative, an imprint of the action going on around the set, the often hours-long performative work of the artist appears on the time exposure as proof of his existence.
Instead of white walls, André Wagner uses the ether (space) as his easel, the night becomes his canvas, on which he paints with the elements of earth, air, water and especially fire – exposing the landscape in an almost sculptural way. Finally, his camera, his brush, captures his visions on celluloid.

maori_spirit_60x82cm to_play_with_fire_60x82cm ROE19_2006_Torchlight_80x120cm_4800EUR firetree_45x60cm Romance of Elements