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Romance Series by Julie Ahmad

Romance Series by Julie Ahmad.

I paint both abstracts and pet portraits. I need both the tightness and clarity of my dogs and the organic looseness of my abstracts to create balance.  Each process not only compliments the other but is essential to each other’s vitality.

My dogs have a pop art quality to them combing a flat, graphic style with bright colors.

My abstracts are painted in an intuitive style, not always having the final outcome in mind from the start.  It’s a journey and practice in patience and trust.  Getting there and discovering where the canvas will lead me, is often full of surprises.  Layer after layer, a piece can take any where from 4 or 5 days to 4 or 5 weeks to create. The process is what it is and although not always to my liking, it must be honored.

Living almost a decade in New York City, working in the fashion industry, texture and color come second nature to me, the cross over to fine art was natural.  The city is where my taste and style was molded, I love bringing that cosmopolitan energy into my work and sharing it with the world.

I’ve shown with West Elm Austin, both EAST & WEST Austin Studio Tour and Women & Their Work.  I’ve been commissioned to create one-of-a-kind pieces for several collectors around the world.  I can’t express enough how gratifying it is when a piece of your art (soul) is welcomed into someone’s home it’s an honor that is not taken for granted.

Butterfly Kisses, by Julie Ahmad

Romance Series

mock up blank poster on the wall of bedroom, 3D rendering

Mock up poster in Living room, minimalism interior design, 3d illustration

The Romance Series was painted with a soft and subdued feel in order to create a calm and relaxed feeling for the mind. Rich textures, blended creamy tones and metallic foiling grace the canvases. The Romance Series is perfect for creating a sacred space within your home. Julie believes the art is meant to be lived with―not in a museum.

She blends lots of titanium white into the selected colors to draw out different shades of pastels in the series. She also uses a spray bottle technique that dilutes the paint so that it runs down the canvas creating a dripping, ethereal experience and invoking thoughts of natural running water.

Never Been Kissed, 36″x 36″

“Never Been Kissed” has gray tones and the darkest color isn’t actually black but rather an indigo denim. It has an arid, sweet and innocent feeling. The contrasting black emphasizes the lightness of the piece.

Light My Fire I & II, 40″x 40″ each piece

“Light my Fire I & II” was inspired after Julie had great success with a previous pair of paintings, Mojo Risen I & II. This being a top seller the licensing company, Artist Lane based out of Australia requested that she paint something similar but using Berry and Musk in the palette, based on the upcoming colors trends set by Pantone.

Hello Handsome, 34″ x 48″

Julie wanted to show her range with “Hello Handsome” by providing blue options for her clients. It’s the darkest painting of the series with the most masculine features, and it’s also one of her husband’s favorites.



Rags to Riches, 36″x 36″

“Rags to Riches” is one of Julie’s favorites in the series. It was originally a whole different painting but Julie wasn’t satisfied, so after living with it for a while she reworked the piece and added a thick layer of taupe and soft silver metallics paints and foiling to the surface which is why there is an extra richness and thick quality to it.

Butterfly Kisses, 60″x 60″

“Butterfly Kisses” isn’t just named for the song; it was really inspired by the metallic foiling flicking off the canvas as Julie applied it, and they looked like butterflies as they flew around her and kissed her face.

Julie Ahmad

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