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ROME – by Augusto De Luca photographer

ROME – by Augusto De Luca photographer.

An incipient Mother Man has always inhabited my deeper self; creativity has always been my companion … I have tried to express myself in a very definite style but by means of all kinds of materials and formats. I wish to discover how my own creativity unfolds under different circumstances …
I feel like a sailor, or better, like an explorer of the immense universe of art. The artist is a discoverer in search of the keys that open the door to emotions and feelings. Art is the place where rationality, fantasy, truth and fiction mix up in a detonating mixture.
Great photography comes about at the right time but it also needs the right cut that enhances that precise moment … Photography must feed on both contents and form, if it gives up the one for the other it is not going to last.

ROME - by Augusto De Luca photographer



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