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Ronit Adam – Sculptor

My big passion for art initially started when i was a child who loved animals. As crazy as it sounds but it was through the primary connection with the animal kingdom that i found my self drawn to the trees, the stones and all the beauty nature has to offer.

I was 9 years old, when i was first offered a piece of clay during a primary art class-the connection was immediate. Everything flowed in such a natural way, as if i have been doing this all my life.

For the last 30 years i have been running a studio, teaching student of all ages and learning from them as we progress together. During the last years i have been working with stones. I approach each stone in apprehension and suspense, with great appreciation to its history, timidly observing its lines and allowing a natural flaw to guide me.

I search for its wonders and discover its uniqueness. I never use sketch guidelines, just the stones inner message.

I never know in advance what my next work of art will be or where it will take me. However far my creation takes me, i always leave part of the original stone as i seal as i know, and fully understand that nature is more beautiful than any work of art.

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