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Roots project


« Roots » questions the origins of each being, their attachment to a place or a region.

It is a tribute to the significant inhabitants and figures, to the material and immaterial heritage of a territory. The treetop acts as an expression of a slice of life, fixed in the form of a photographic or animated portrait, while the testimonies are broadcast at the foot of the trees. Through these grandiose projections, Clément Lesaffre’s work reminds us of the symbolic of the tree and temporarily gives life to the people who added to the legacy of a human construction or idea. The project offers the public a night stroll. This strolling promenade was designed so as to immerse the spectator in the story, in a very sensitive way, through the visual and audio testimonies.Twilingate, Louise

Twilingate, Annah et Louis MTL, Jino 2 Racines_8©Lesaffre IMG_6600 Racines_1©Lesaffre Louis, France Stephane Amerindian people 2 (Mik'mac) Amerindian people (Mik' mac) Aïssatu, France