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Rosemary Estrella Digital Art

Hello my name is Rosemary Estrella and I am from Brooklyn, NY. I studied architecture in Brooklyn NY and I currently work as Project Architect for an architecture firm in New York City. I have always loved to draw and be creative so decided to explore my passion for making artwork.

I find inspiration in everyday items that I may see while walking down a street or riding the subway.  For example, a tree, a pretty flower, or an interesting object like a chain link fence with vines growing on it; these have all been the source of my inspiration.   As soon as I see something that inspires me I will take a picture and look for an interesting shape within that object that captures its essence.

I  start laying down lines on my sketchbook and  as I start drawing my lines the image starts to take its own shape; then I will fill in the shapes.  Once I feel the image is complete on paper I scan my image and I will start to experiment with colors and textures.

I really enjoy making pieces this way because it is portable and whenever I am feeling inspired I can freely put all my ideas down on paper. All I need is my sketchbook.   My work is a way to express all the thoughts and emotions going around in my head.

Although I did not formally study fine art I have always enjoyed drawing, painting, and being creative.  I have researched techniques and taken  recreational art classes, finally I decided to turn my passion into a reality by applying to exhibit my work. Day at the Beach Red Roses Fairytale The Dark Sunset Looking at You Grey Roses Dandelions Purple Dandelions Explosion walk of life

For more information please see my website bellow or follow me at:

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Thank you for accepting my application.

Rosmary Estrella