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Roz’s Art House

Roz’s Art House.

I completed O & A level art at school however, it wasn’t until some years later that I discovered that painting and drawing was very therapeutic and a way to channel my emotions and switch off from the world.

I started by doodling and as time moved on so has my art. Some of my early work is in pastel/charcoal and changed when I was recovering from an accident where I was laid up for some weeks and unable to get to my easel. I picked up an ink pen and started with basic zentangle designs and gradually added acrylic colour.

 I spent some years working and living abroad in Nigeria, Canary Islands, Germany, Bermuda & Tazania, which is where some of my inspiration comes from.

 After discovering Hitchin some years ago and have finally returned to settle down. Starting at the Hitchin Famers & Crafts market, I have completed two wall murals at a school & a local business, founded the Facebook Art Hub page which has 140 members, organise pop up art exhibitions, coordinate the Hitchin Initiative office art space and still find time to accept commissions.

Roz's Art House

Adam Ant

Art is now something I do every day and do get withdrawal symptoms if I go more than a few days of not being able to be creative.



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