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Rugged dehisces an haptic desire

“Rugged dehisces and haptic desire”

Steel sculptures by Andreas Hamacher
The work on his lyrically abstract work series “Sprünge” and “Haptikos” begins at the scrap yards of the region with its varied technical possibilities.

The scrap yards are a sort of outdoor studio for the steel sculptor.
In the course of this, the tension field between the ruggedly repelling and the clearly smooth welcoming of the material is essential to the sculptor.
The sculptures emerge from the search of synthetic forms, textures and surfaces and under inclusion of nature and the human soul and encourage the viewer to touch and comprehend.

Hamacher_Metallskulpturen-8Dehisces, Nr. 12-2013 Dehisces, Nr. 12-2013 Dehisces, Nr. 01 - 2015 Dehisces, Nr. 01- 2015 Dehisces, Nr. 01 -2015 Haptikos Nr. 06 - 2013 Haptikos Nr 06 - 2013 Haptikos Nr. 06 - 2013 Haptikos Nr. 02 - 2015 Haptikos Nr. 02 - 2015 Haptikos Nr. 10 - 2014 Haptikos Nr. 10 - 2014Steelsculptor