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rust 1

Hi my name is Jeramie and I’m an artist on the east coast of Australia. I’m a silversmith and sculptor so it made sense that if I was going to try doing some two dimensional work id do it out of steel. Learning to understand the molecular make up of the steel and find out how and why it started to rust. What kind of colour palette was there to play with and how was I able to control it. I discovered that as soon as the raw steel hit oxygen the process began tiny tiny little crystals began to grow these could be different collars depending on the atmosphere that they were growing in. This could all change depending on how acidic things were or the temperature of the steel. How fast it was kept moist or made dry. Once the process started there was no stopping it. Like all rust it wanted to continue its journey of feeding on oxygen and iron until it had decimated its source of survival itself.
The only way to halt its progress was to suffocate the surface of all oxygen and this could only be done with several layers of clear apoxy which gave the finish a wet look because the paint wet and laid down all of the microscopic crystals. Its like time got frozen and in a instant everything stoped growing and changing and was sealed up to remain in that instant forever.
Some times this was only a mater of minutes on other it was weeks but in the end I produced eleven large sheets of rust all completely different to each other mounted on timber frames to be hung on a gallery wall.
Hope you like it
Cheers Jeramie