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Sacred song of Altai

Paintings from the series “Sacred song of Altai” were created on the basis of the Altai heroic epos “Maaidai-Kara”.

The magnificent Altai land is situated in the very center of Asia at the junction of the Siberian taiga, the steppes of Kazakhstan and the semi-deserts of Mongolia. Most part of the land is covered with beautiful Altai mountains which are sacred to local people. The history of the this land and people from ancient time is preserved by narrators and throat-singers.

The remarkable poetic creation Maaidai-Kara, narrated by Alexey Kalkin, is the most valuable heritage of the Altai culture, capable to inspire artists at the same level as beauty of the nature of the Altai Mountain. The paintings contain elements of ancient rock carvings of Altai and traditional symbols of Altai.

Mother of Altai's Hero

Mother of Altai’s Hero. Part of the “Kogudey Mergen” tryptich

The “Kogudey Mergen” tryptich: “Return to blessed land”, Bay-Terek”, “Mother of Altai’s hero” – is painted with soft pastel range of colors; the paints contain oils of rose, eucalyptus and sagebrush providing infinite variety of shades.

This painting depicts Altyn-Targa holding the baby in her hands. The boy will grow and become the Altai’s Hero Kogudey-Mergen.
“Maadai Kara” book contains very detailed description of the woman and baby, even of every special sign which was on the body of newborn boy, and the image follows the description.

Bay - Terek

Bay – Terek. Part of the “Kogudey Mergen” tryptich

The holy Bay-terek of Altai people is the poplar tree standing in the center of the world with his roots in underground world (Aibystan), his body in terrestrial world and branches in empyreal world (Yuch-Kurbustan).
The image of the Bay-terek and all what surrounds him is described in much details in the book “Maadai Kara”. In this painting i tried to create the image as close as possible to the description.

Return to the blessed Land

Return to the blessed Land. Part of the “Kogudey Mergen” tryptich

This painting depicts Altai Hero, Kogudey Mergen, returning to homeland from exile.

Altyn-Kusku - the Polar Star

Altyn-Kusku – the Polar Star

The bride of Altai Hero Kogudey Mergen, Altyn-Kusku, was so beautyful that no word could describe it…
Now you could see her as a Polar Star on the night sky.

Flight above the Yellow Sea

Flight above the Yellow Sea

The Altai Hero is crossing the poisonous sea on his magic horse

Mountains of Gold - Gift of the loving Heart

Mountains of Gold – Gift of the loving Heart

On Altai there is a high-mountain valley of rare beauty, a valley of the river Chulyshman. Mountains in the end of the day are painted there in golden colors, therefore this place often is called the golden valley. People often promise «mountains of gold» to beloved ones, but not everyone can fullfil such promise… What a luck is to be an artist and to have an opportunity to present beauty to the people!