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Sammie Real Photographic Art

Sammie Real Photographic Art.

I love to photograph people and help them with one image to say what they want people to know, what they are proud of, their feelings and who they are.

Sammie Real is a Panamanian Fine Art artist.
“I am not a photographer, I use photography to create art”

My passion to know the world led me to know and fall in love with ancient art and everything from the great works of the Renaissance, portraits from the daguerreotype to the ambrotypes and tintypes metals.

Sammie Real Photographic Art


My travels through the museums of the world coupled with my life in the Northeastern United States and to be able to visit the museums of New York followed and its impressive vintage stores made me fall in love with Renaissance art and classical photography.
It was at this moment where I gave my first pinitos in photography and digital art with the purpose of bringing back the beautiful art of portraits an art almost extinct in this digital age.
Combining more than 20 editing programs I decided to bring these beautiful portraits back.
Portraits with the charm of other times and a renaissance touch, its colors and details are my inspiration and nourishment for my creativity.
There are no works more beautiful but we can see already materialized, so we go to museums to appreciate and admire them.
Having a portrait that will last several generations is a beautiful display of love from us to our loved ones or our loved ones to us.
We live in a digital age where we have forgotten the beauty of the portraits.
The most beautiful thing about having the opportunity to create these portraits is to be able to use objects in my vintage costumes, most with a fascinating story.
My portraits are printed on museum quality paper with the Giclee print which lasts much longer and does not fade.
These unique portraits are definitely worthy of a place on the wall!

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