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Sandra Marcelloni | “Sguardi” the new collection

Sandra Marcelloni | “Sguardi” the new collection.

Sandra Marcelloni recently presented her new theme collection of sculputers on canvas entitled “Sguardi”.

We talk about Art, and we can also talk about design, style definition, paintings and above all sculptures that articulate the Italian fashion world as well. We know very well that the development of these artworks requires a thorough study, different materials and a careful review at the design stage and at the end of production. Sandra Marcelloni‘s new “Sguardi” collection at first glance can make the environment around us fully perceive and it is always at first glance that at least at first we make our choices.

Sguardo Glance Sandra Marcelloni

Well, nothing is more seductive than a gaze, even by chance, at the object of our desire.
In fact, explains Sandra Marcelloni, for this reason, more and more often the most modern design objects arise in a sort of Middle-earth, in a place that will be halfway between pure Art and the refinement of Italian design.

Sguardo|Glance|Sandra Marcelloni

The glance has always been at the center of the attention of all forms of Art, from cinema, photography, poetry to literature, and that is why Sandra Marcelloni wanted to represent her looks with her own personal interpretation. Each “look” is a unique piece, where soft, tactile shapes due to reliefs on canvas sculpture give depth and intensity. The colors are able to give a unique warmth and charm, and unique is the style of the collection with its original and appealing design; Pieces that enhance the sweetness of the lines and the naturalness of the material combining craftsmanship and innovation. The choice of colors wants to convey in each opera a singular expression of a look, red as a passion, green as serenity … but true emotion can communicate it precisely to the observer who crosses the “look”.

Sguardo Glance Sandra Marcelloni

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