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Sandstone carvings

Carving sandstone for about 30 years. All my work is done with out power tools save for sharpening chisels. All local material, some old building material such as foundation stone.

We have the largest deposit of sandstone in the world here in North Central Ohio  and as a result there is plenty of free material. My career was in manufacturing so I had access to high speed steel too make my chisels. The chisels are made from taps, drills and reamers.I would use carbide but I have no means to sharpen this material

To rub areas smooth I use broken pieces of different grades of grinding wheels and rainwater to subdue the dust. I have always been interested in stone carving and got my initial inspiration from a carver named George Carruth and the carvings on the buildings of the Oberlin Collegecampu.
north man porch support Lunkinheimer #5 IMG_1838 soul patch