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Brooklyn-based graphic designer Scott Reinhard has worked at the highest level of print and digital graphic design for over a decade. With his foray into mapping and land visualization, he brings a new eye and approach to how we imagine the landforms around us. Scott works as a freelance Multimedia and Graphics Editor at the New York Times.


Are these actually 3D objects?

  • No. The object you purchase comes as a high-quality chromogenic prints. They combine 3-dimensional data with paper maps to create an image that looks like it pops off the page, but alas, it is 2D. While we have explored producing these in the third dimension, we are not doing so at this time.

Will you do a map of ________?

  • Potentially! Feel free to send suggestions to scottreinhardmaps@gmail.com. While I can’t make any promises on timing or if I will be able to do a map of your favorite location, I will certainly look into it.

When will you do more international maps?

  • Sourcing non-US-based maps takes a bit more time. I am working on this and will soon have non-US-based maps on the site.


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