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Scrap Wood Furniture Factory For an Angel

Yoh Nagashima born in 1955 in Hyogo prefecture in Japan.
When she was at the age of 40 she experienced the Great Hanshin Great Earthquake, a disaster that claimed more than 5,000 lives and destroyed 10,000 homes.
“We saw the roof tiles and rubble being cleared away from what were once homes where people lived. We say posts and beams, which once supported these homes, being discarded and burned.”
As Yoh and Ricky Nagashima saw this scrap wood being taken away, they suddenly thought, “Why not use this waste as wood for making furniture?!”
Thus began a woodworking studio where discarded wood is given a second life as beautiful, unique furniture.
The “Scrap Wood Furniture Factory For an Angel” was established in Tawara Motomachi NARA. Yoh & Ricky were introduced television, newspapers, magazines, etc..They have five to ten’s exhibitors at department stores and galleries every year in Japan.2shot01 1426726_1425209394418399_1626358682098174898_n 10177442_1425264964412842_8822844790370940388_n 10350435_1425208384418500_7592426166267481532_n 10355807_1425202697752402_1635265028015554105_n 10359219_1425211024418236_9013636774521488380_n 10369571_1425209114418427_8764701732763090079_n 10371966_1425195667753105_4414318788889374904_n 10371993_1425197471086258_1873858264422497301_n 10422246_1425200237752648_6155369911636496313_n 10428467_1425216574417681_631173496395977046_n 10440222_1425197301086275_8536217884740002995_n