Sculptural Glass Landscapes Combined with Natural Wood- Wooden Rings to Wear on your Fingers

Sculptural Glass Landscapes Combined with Natural Wood- Wooden Rings to Wear on your Fingers.

GlassIdeas workshop was created from glass art passion. The designers and glass artists, based in Romania, Camelia Neagu-Cogalniceanu and Irinel Neagu-Cogalniceanu love to work with glass and experiment new combinations of glass with other materials. In this mode, they rediscovered the natural beauty and expressivity of wood, developing a method to associate these different materials: wood and glass. All wood pieces are hand selected depending of colours and dramatic lines of organic pattern of wood, GlassIdeas using many different species of wood. Entirely handicraft process of creating jewelry  ( related glass and wood) takes place in GlassIdeas workshop located in Braila, Romania.

The surface of the wood is carefully sanded and hand polished in several stages, thus obtaining a silky finish, pleasant to touch and, too, is subjected to multiphase treatments with special and ecological products with the aim to increase the resistance to: impact; abrasion; cracking; penetration of water  as well as increasing the depth of wood color guaranteeing the precious charm of each GlassIdeas jewelry.  The light playing of the surfaces of glass create amazing visual effects enhancing its luxury appearance. A fascinating wooden ring with touch of glamour offered to any outfit. A precious embrace of nature.A precious embrace of nature.

Each wooden ring handcrafted by GlassIdeas reflects the unique and unrepeatable beauty of nature. Exactly like each of us., #artpeople,

Submit your Artwork and join our artists @ TO BE FEATURED.#artpeople

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