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Sculptural Metal ‘Drawings’ by Darius Hulea

Sculptural Metal ‘Drawings’ by Darius Hulea.

Romanian sculptor Darius Hulea received a PhD in visual arts from Cluj-Napoca Art & Design University.

young contemporary artist born in 1987 in Alba Iulia Romania, the city were 100 years ago on 1st of December 1918 King Ferdinand I and Queen Mary were coronated as the King and Queen of big ROMANIA after the 3 small countries where Romanian ethnics lived were united under their command at the end of the 1st World War. his Facebook and Instagram 

Making of – Portretul Reginei Maria (2018)

Making of – Portretul Reginei Maria (2018), realizat de sculptorul Darius Hulea pentru Expoziția „Centenart. 8 viziuni asupra României la 100 de ani”

Posted by Muzeul de Artă Braşov on Friday, December 21, 2018

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