Sculptures by Cynthia Saenz

Cynthia Sáenz

Especially in wire sculpture I try not to plan to much, the moment catches the time, during the process I view all that I had in mine mind.
It may be that I had something specific in mind but in work it could make a move or a twist that turns all the work, that’s the fascinating of  being an artist.

Temporal Taranto Lunatico Coloso Caronte Alborozo

Being an artist is the ability to reflect own experiences and utopias, in my case circumstances of the equestrian world.
The horse, deeply rooted in my growth as a person and artist, manipulated as a tool that allows me to recreate thoughts and situations in different areas of daily living.
The horse, the woman, the bull; characters used creating emotional conflicts, linking the existing with the nonexistent of our minds, axles fundamental in the development of my proposals.
Creating images and objects visually poetic allow me to recreate atmospheres in the equestrian environment, searching the depths of a being the most important lines where these ties are responsible for creating a figure, that’s where I speculate about art as a transmitter images that bind polishing a feeling where the memory is responsible for completing a concept.

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