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Sculptures by french artist Clémentine Bal

Sculptures by french artist Clémentine Bal.

Sculptures by french artist Clémentine Bal

Ochtonalba à l’enfant (Polystyrene, resin, mastic, metal, peint, gold leaf)
H : 95 cm


I’m a french artist born in Paris in 1979. After studying biology, I quickly turned to art by discovering the infinity of possible interpretations.
In my studio I purify, I mix, transform animal forms to recompose characters I like to surround myself. They are to me like little benevolent, gentle, and sensitive gods. With closed eyes, they are in an interiority, as in a meditation. What emerges from their attitude reflects the long process of creation. I lay on top of each other layers of inert matter which will be lying and delicately sanded. I pamper each small part of these bodies, the sanding becomes caress. The matt and velvety paint comes to rest on the curves of shapes. I try to convey to them all the sweetness possible to stimulate affect and empathy in the spectator.

These characters recall the manga universe as the creatures of Miyazaki. I also draw inspiration from the sacred art of different cultures, from ancient Egypt to Buddhist or Christian art.


Sculptures by french artist Clémentine Bal

Soleil Levant  (resin, paint, gold leaf)
H : 120 cm


Polystyrene, resin, mastic, metal, paint
H : 90 cm


Soba  (Resin, paint)
H : 70 cm


Disque d’or  (Polystyrene, resin, metal, mastic, paint, gold leaf)
H : 65 cm


Yume  (Polystyrene, resin, mastic, metal, paint)
H : 90 cm


Kodo  (Polystyrene, resin, mastic, paint)
H : 70 cm

Clémentine Bal

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