Sculptures Caricatures by Zarko Mandic

Zarko Mandic, versatile artist, born in the early ’60 (growing up listened to The Rolling Stones and The Beatles, watched movies made by Forman, Wenders and Fellini, read Kerouac, Selinger and Bukowski…) is a true representative of the rock and roll generation. Developing under the influence of modern culture, he creates his unique art world expressing his ideas across through music, comics, design, poetry…

Humphrey Bogart

Humphrey Bogart

Nikola Tesla

Since 2000 he discovers the expressive power of caricature, but in a specific form – through sculpture.

The Rolling Stones

Charles Bukowski

Representable celebrities, musicians, actors, sportsmen and all of those who we consider to be role models, who we idealize and see as superheroes, with all their virtues and flaws, appear in a comical way through his sculptures.

Lenny Kravitz

Emir Kusturica

And by that he means no disrespect, the caricatures aren’t grotesque. With a subtle emphasis of their portrait features, in a charming and humorous way, he caricatures our idols and role models.

Eric Clapton

Emir Kusturica

Caricatures are made of clay (reinforced, air-dry natural earth clay), hand-painted, multi-layer varnish protected, andt they all are originals, unique.

Nick Cave

Quentin Tarantino

„The challenge, for me, is not only to achieve facial resemblance but also to figure out the internal character of a portrayed person and than with a subtle emphasis of their portrait features to turn it into a caricature. My models are famous people, usually artists, who are inspiring because of great achievement in their own fields.“

Chet Baker

That kind of sculpture becomes our friend, provokes feelings of intimacy and further on, it inspires us and creates that magical and spiritual bond with the portrayed person.

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