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Searching For Reality

“The inspiration for this series of photographs came from a fascination with light and frustration with inability to capture magical atmosphere that sun give to us.”

Dzodan’s photos emerged in the past two years, recorded street scenes, people, rural landscapes… motives are always and again the light itself. Moments that are recorded are only a sketch for the realization of light dimension that is difficult to photograph. By applying additional computer processing, he corrects technical deficiencies of camera. Counter bright or unusual atmosphere which camera does not register, he creates spaces personal and emotional impressions. Intervention at the photograph in photoshop Dzodan builds and intensifies personal impressions and impressions –
“… I trying to emphasize those elements which left the strongest impression. That way my authorship is not only confined to the shooting scene but also in post-processing, which raises an additional challenge. “Terazijska cesma Silent Village shepherd2 Russian Tzar Praha Street Petrovaradin Novi life3 Night of Museum Karluv most Hotel Moska Gradic Golden day Fruska Gora 1st January