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SEASCAPES | Antti Viitala Photography

SEASCAPES | Antti Viitala Photography.

Viitala’s “approach to his work pays homage to the craft of photographers of old. Reaching back through the ages, he couples the inspiration of the old masters, with a firm grasp of modern technology allowing the finest of nuances to be elicited.”

SEASCAPES images feature autumn storms as they hit Camps Bay beach near Cape Town, South Africa. Viitala uses long exposures to capture the motion and rich textures of water and sand as they collide together in the meditative scenes. Although there are many similarities throughout the series, not one photograph is alike. Through the work, the artist invites the viewer to reflect upon the forces of nature and to connect with the calming beauty in the landscapes.

SEASCAPES | Antti Viitala Photography

Via http://www.anttiviitala.com  , https://www.behance.net/peikko4ad5

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