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Sebastien royez

Born in 1971 in France, began his artistic training at St. Luke’s arts school in Belgium, followed by a preparation to the fine arts of Paris in the workshops of Sevres. During 10 years he devoted himself to the realization of trompe l’oeil in Paris and its region with “Fresqu’île workshops” or he creates murals sizes. He puts on stand by its pictorial creations to dedicate to web graphics and mobile applications, and became artistic director for the publishing group Emap in Paris, he continues his Web career with Nexway Nanterre where he holds the position of director of studio creation and development. After 15 years in business he opened his own company in France (allyouneedisweb) and Morocco (webmedina) to make mobile applications. Not having abandoned his love for painting, Sebastian continues to produce in his studio in Marrakech, between painting and graphics, inspired by his meetings. Sebastien exhibited in several restaurants and businesses in France, and in Marrakech in morocco at the arts gallery “design and cook”