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See why i describe my artworks as pieces of my HeArt. Enjoy!

Bianca Danilov

I`m a Romanian artist for more than 20 years, but doing successful business in other domains since i finished Fine Arts High School. Due to GOD`s brilliant arrangements i restarted painting again since 2010 and quickly found success all over the world. Having a few months baby girl, and finding the time for my passion i enjoy bringing good vibes in people`s homes through my artworks.

Every time someone is asking me why the majority of my paintings represent flowers i tell them that this si the timeless way to offer a flower bouquet to a lady, mother, sister, daughter, to someone really special in your life. I know myself, i`m in love with colors, with fragrances, is nothing better than smelling the fresh flowers, and in few days they die, disappear. This way you`ll have them forever. I lived all my life in a flat, but i had my own garden inside, through my paintings so i was never sad.



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