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Selected Artwork of 李俊佳 C. Kenneth Lee

Lee_C. Kenneth_The Arrest_2011_Oil Pastels, marker pen and colored pencils on paper(with frame)_29.7 x 42 cm_

(2011) The Arrest- by C. Kenneth Lee

Lee_C. Kenneth_Deck the halls…_2014_tempera on canvas_(h)60.96x(w)81.28cm_

(2014) Deck the Halls with Tinsel- by C. Kenneth Lee

Lee_C. Kenneth_Map_2012_tempera and oil pastel on paper(with frame)(h)29.7x(w)42cm_

(2012) Map- by C. Kenneth Lee

Lee_C. Kenneth_Moongate_2012_Soft Pastels and acrylic on paper(with frame)_(h)29.7x(w)42cm_

(2012) Moongate- by C. Kenneth Lee